Traveling to Tracy Arm

Whether you’re a local resident or visiting Southeast Alaska for the first time, taking a trip to Tracy Arm is a must!  The narrow and deep fjords are located south of Juneau, through Stevens Passage, stretching  653,179 acres of towering mountains, lush rainforest, amazing wildlife and abudant icebergs and glaciers.


Take an early morning boat ride, cruising through the steep fjords for a couple hours before reaching the massive Sawyer Glaciers at the end of Tracy Arm. Your vessel will  navigate through iceberg dotted waters, circling toward areas to explore the wilderness in hopes of catching a glimpse of some wildlife.

11935591_10207793064610171_6092320549272313216_oWith scenic waterfalls tumbling down jagged rocks, large ice structures floating by, surrounding misty mountains and foggy skies, you will truly feel as if you are experiencing something magical.

The entire excursion can last about 5 to 6 hours. Lunch is available or pack your own picnic lunch! Warm up with a hot chocolate out on the deck of the boat provided by the friendly crew or sit in the bridge next to the captain to get the prime views. On your way back, keep your eyes open as the trip doubles as a whale watching and sea lion tour too.

If you do decide to book a tour to Tracy Arm, remember it will be an all day affair and even though your boat ride through the fjords is extremely beautiful you might want to bring something to do, just in case.


Tips for the Travel:

  • Bring binoculars to see the wildlife or catch ice caving from the glacier.
  • Bring snacks – you’ll be gone the entire day!
  • Bring a rain jacket in case the weather is rainy and windy.
  • Bring a book or card game just in case if need some entertainment on your way in or out to the fjords.

If you’re still hesitant to book due to the long voyage, price or perhaps the experience will be like, take some time to read reviews on Trip Advisor and you will be convinced!


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