Answers for the Zipliners

Hey Adventurers!

Whether you spend your time traveling and looking for the next adrenaline rush or something to check off your bucket list, ziplining is definitely one of the best options. And for those of you who aren’t sure or are trying to convince a loved one to take the leap with you, take a look at this list to get a better feel of what you will be up to!

1. Remember: You’re here to have fun!

10649088_10152340900501510_3394928960589214958_oIt may seem unnatural or terrifying to step off of a platform 100 feet above the ground but remind yourself you are here to have fun and explore the beautiful Alaska rainforest in a cool way. The first zip is always the scariest but take some deep breaths, trust your gear and guides and take the plunge. Your knees may be shaking but the thrill and views will be worth it!  From then on, it will be nothing but fun.

2. Your guides take care of EVERYTHING! 

We get a lot of calls and emails about what to anticipate for your zipline trip and one important detail we would like you to know is: your guides take care of everything! Here at Alaska Zipline Adventures, we have highly trained and skilled guides who could IMG_4220complete the course in their sleep! And they will be with you every step of the way. Our groups are small and there are 2 guides to each tour. During your orientation they will demonstrate how to put your gear one, explain how it works and why you need it. In addition, our zipline is setup where no hand-braking is required by the participants so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the ride without having to worry about stopping, slowing down or landing yourself. They’ve got you’ve covered! This also let’s your hands free to take a GoPro obe more daring and try zipping backwards or better yet, no hands!

3. Be prepared to have fun in any weather!

Rain or shine, Alaska Zip will be zipping through the trees! When researching your trip to Juneau, you may have found that it rains in Juneau… A LOT. However, that doesn’t mean your trip is ruined or will be cancelled. Juneau locals have learned that there is always fun to be had whether there is sunshine or a sky full of clouds. Learn the local way  – throw on a jacket and enjoy the rain! We’ve got rain jackets for you to bundle up in or add another layer. Read more about preparing for Juneau’s weather  in a previous post found here.

4. Bring your Camera!

Personal cameras and video devices are welcome! There will be stops along the zipline course in the platforms to take tons of pictures of your family and friends zipping away or snap some shots of the beautiful scenery. 11700825_482198535282863_9220346004176258800_nJust be sure to add a strap around your neck or wrist so you don’t lose your camera while having fun! If you forgot your camera, that’s ok! Your guides will be taking pictures throughout the tour and can be available at the end of your journey. Also, GoPros can be rented if you would like to capture all your laughs and screams on video!

If you haven’t already booked call 907-321-0947 today or check out our website for more information. We look forward to seeing you up in the trees!



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