Partnership with Sustainable Travel International

Alaska Zipline Adventures has always taken great pride in being eco-friendly and eventually moving forward with our efforts to be an ec0-certified tour through Sustainable Travel International. From the beginning we have established a “greener” path by setting goals and standards for our business to limit and maintain our impact on the environment. When building the zipline course measures were taken to ensure that the land was protected. Construction took place over snow pack in the winter to preserve the fragile surrounding wetlands and the course followed the natural stream line so very few trees were cut down. And the treehouse based platforms were assembled with recycled materials. During the busy tourism season Alaska Zipline Adventures continues to take steps toward our sustainability by offering all organic merchandise; recycling glass, paper, plastic and aluminum; and tracking and controlling any waste and carbon emissions. Our initiatives have also extended to educating our customers and employees to care about our mission statement to operate in an eco-conscious manner.

This morning I had the pleasure to participate in an online webinar presentation by Sustainable Travel International. They help promote and support responsible travel and ecotourism. The topics addressed at these webinars connect businesses to a network of programs, services and tools to help get started on the journey of sustainability and manage their goals. If you would like more information about Sustainable Travel International and their partners please feel free to explore their website:

We treasure our beautiful state and as a long time Alaskan it is my wish to cherish, preserve and protect this land so that we may be able to share it with future generations. Let’s leave the world a better place!

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