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What Else Can You Do in Juneau?

Hey Adventurers!

Though zipline is the name of our game, we know that once our summer season is over, people are looking for other things to do in Juneau! And let me tell you, there’s a lot. A quick peek at Google will tell you all about the geography of our fun city and what to expect once the boats stop coming in, but we have some local advice on activities just for you.

  1. Go on a hike somewhere new! There are some really cool hikes all around Juneau that can take you a couple of hours or all day if you want! Places like the Perseverance Trail, West Glacier Trail and Outer Point are just a couple of the coolest hikes you can do with people of all ages. If you’re looking for more outdoor trails, be sure to grab a copy of our Juneau trail book, 90 Short Walks Around Juneau. (Hint: there’s way more than 90 in there).
  2. Find something new to eat! Southeast Alaska is known for its fresh fish and awesome seafood, but did you know we also grow tons of berries and other delicacies? Ask a local where their favorite berry patch is and go investigate! All berries have different seasons, so even in the fall you might get lucky and find something delicious.
  3. Identify a new plant or animal! Juneau has so many unique plants and animals both in town and out on the hiking trails, make it your mission to identify a new bird or a cool plant you see in your adventures. Don’t forget to let someone know where you are hiking and when you plan on being back and make smart hiking decisions like bringing extra water and a whistle!
  4. Ask a local! If you run out of ideas or want to experience something new here in Juneau, ask someone you know who lives here or find our Juneau Facebook group, Google is also a great resource for great food and we have trail books aplenty! When you come into town, be ready for a great adventure and be open to learning new things and you’ll have the experience of a lifetime

Any other suggestions for fun things to do in Juneau, let us know in the comments! Have a safe and fun time in Juneau this fall and we’ll see you zipping through the trees again next summer!


This Week’s Adventures!

This week has been so much fun! We’ve had crazy nice and crazy awful weather, fun guests and even some adventures on the forest floor!

Find us on Instagram for more great stuff and daily updates from the zipline. We’ll be running tours until the first week of October, so it isn’t too late to schedule your tour with us in the 2016 season! Give us a call or book online and we’ll see you out in the trees!


Fun Forest Facts: Zipline Edition

On our tour through the beautiful Tongass National Forest, there are so many cool things to see and learn! Here’s a little list of our favorite forest facts. Let us know which ones are your favorite and the ones you remember your guides telling you!

  1. The string like green stuff hanging from our trees is not Spanish moss but a specific strain of lichen called Old Man’s bear or witch’s hair lichen. It’s a very cool plant similar to an air plant with no root system that grows through photosynthesis and can only grow in clean air, which makes it a great air quality indicator and looks very cool hanging from the trees! One misconception is that because more lichen grows on sick or dying trees, that it hurts the trees it grows on. This isn’t true, lichen only grows more on those trees because the foliage is thinner and the lichen has a great surface area for photosynthesis! So cool right! We had one guide in particular that really enjoyed the lichen this year. Good luck in school this winter David, we miss you!!
  2. Our course is located at the base of Eaglecrest, the local ski area in Juneau about 2,000 feet above sea level. With 4 lifts, two lodges and a lot of black diamond runs, skiing at Eaglecrest is a great adventure in the winter and a beautiful scene for ziplining in the summer!DSCF7058
  3. Because our course is located in an old growth portion of the Tongass National Forest, we only see two kinds of trees from the course. These are the Hemlock and the Spruce. You can tell the difference between these two trees by the back pattern of each tree, the Hemlock having a strip like pattern, similar to bacon! The spruce tree, on the other hand, has a pattern that looks more like potato chips. Up close and personal, both types of tree are so cool and fun to identify!


    Can you guess which tree this is?

  4. On the topic of interesting flora, we have some really cool plants along the zipline. Along with the blueberries and moss, we have skunk cabbage! Depending on when you come through our course, you might see bug yellow flowers pushing up through the snow or huge green leaves resembling romaine lettuce. download (1)
  5. Wild berries grow here in all shapes, sizes and colors! Locals spend lots of time in the summer searching for the best berry patches all around Juneau, some of which are on our mountain! With tons of blueberry, salmonberry and huckleberry bushes around the lodge and mountain, this land is amazingly popular for people of all ages to bring their buckets and berry pickers.

    download (2)

    Just look at all those delicious blueberries!

These are just a couple of our fun forest facts, let us know which ones you remember and the stories you have! Happy Monday from us on the zipline! And don’t forget to post your own pictures and videos and tag us by using @alaskazip!


Where’s the Cookie Monster?

Hi Everyone!

We like to have fun out on the lines, and that starts at the beginning of our tour on the way to the course! When it’s time to go, everyone loads up in the Cookie Monster to get the adventure started! Who’s the Cookie Monster you ask? Good Question! Say hello to Cookie Monster, our big blue van!


All our vans have nicknames, but people seem to love the Cookie Monster the most, mostly because inside the van is a special guest!


Our friend Cookie Monster hangs out with all our guests to get some laughs and cuddles, especially if someone is feeling kinda nervous! With the adventure music playing in the background and Cookie in your arms, anything is possible!

DSCF9617 (1)DSCF1002DSCF1652

All the guides love Cookie too, almost every tour starts with a rocking picture of Cookie Monster in the Cookie Monster van!


The next time you come zipping with us, give Cookie a squeeze and load into the Cookie Monster for the start of an amazing zipline tour through the trees!

Do you have any pictures of Cookie Monster? Send them our way to be feature on Instagram and Facebook! We love seeing your pictures and hearing your stories!


Community Events: Adventures in the Trees!

Hi everyone, Emily here again!

Juneau is a wonderful place to live and work, and as a local company, we like to give back to the community any way we can!

This summer we’ve had the opportunity to donate tours to two very special community outreach programs, Discovery Southeast and AWARE. Both of these programs are near and dear to our hearts and we love giving people in our community to come out, enjoy the trees and have a a safe and great time! Check out these fun tour pictures below and share your stories of zipping through the trees with us!


Check out more great zip footage on our Facebook page, Instagram and everywhere else by searching @alaskazip. If you have pictures of your own, make sure to tag us in them!

Guide Spotlight

Hey! Emily here again with another guide spotlight! Say hello to Brandon!


Hey y’all, My name is Brandon, I’m from Salt Lake City, Utah. I’m a Senior studying communications at Southern Utah University. I had to choose between an executive internship with Target in Vegas or coming to Alaska as a zipline tour guide this summer, but I just couldn’t pass up this opportunity to meet people from across the world and have this incredible adventure. I love camping, hiking and fishing which also made Alaska hard to pass up. Sports have also been a big part of my life. In High School I did both volleyball and track, and do my best to stay active and somewhat in shape. After graduating from High School I lived in Ukraine for two years, where I learned Russian and fell in love with the country. It was an incredible experience and I am so excited to share the next adventure with you swinging through the forests of Alaska.

Guide Questionnaire:
1. What is your favorite thing to do in your hometown?
-Playing volleyball!
2. If you could guide one famous person who would it be?
-Beyonce! Can you imagine her zipping through the trees?
3. Why do you love Alaska?
– Because I get to meet so many new people while enjoying the great things Alaska has to offer and go on new adventures every day!
4. What is your favorite thing about being a zipline guide?
– Being with all of you! I have awesome coworkers and love every chance I get to be out on the lines with you all!
Say hello to another guide out on the lines, Kyle!
Howdy Folks, my name is Kyle. I’m excited to be in Juneau this summer! I love working with horses, hiking, hunting and fishing in my spare time. If you have any questions about wildlife or need help identifying a plant, I’m your man. I am super excited to get to meet you and to zip through the trees with you!
Guide Questionnaire:
1. What is your favorite thing to do in your hometown?
-I love to explore and see what I can find, either at home or here in Alaska!
2. If you could guide one famous person who would it be?
– John Wayne would be so cool!
3. Why do you love Alaska?
– There is something amazing around every corner here, mostly untouched by a man and so interesting to explore.
4. What is your favorite thing about being a zipline guide?
– I like meeting new people each day and teaching them things!
Thanks Brandon and Kyle! Check out some fun tour pictures below for more!